Shaanxi Zhengyuan Accountants Limited

    Equipped with complete certififications,Shaanxi Zhengyuan Accountants Limited(the Firm) has such qualifications as auditing on large and medium enterprises, asset evaluation, auditing on basic construction budget ,formulating and appraising project tender base, judicial accounting and taxation agency.

    The Firm boasts a professional featuring abundant strength, efficiency, competence and practicality, and which special expertise and rich experience. Among its current 56 staff, 18 are CPA,5 are certified valuers , 13 certified taxation experts, 4 project cost engineers ,6 senior engineers and 10 professionals in other fields.

    Since its establishment ,the Firm has, under the leadership of Ai Yaoxian, the Chairman of the board, been trying to make its operation standard, deepening the reform in the internal mechanism, advancing the cultivation oh the work ethics, improving the sense or responsibility an honor of the practitioners, motivating the certified personnel to make contribution in the effort to build Shaanxi in to an economically strong province and to give full play to the role to the Firm in market economic construction, which have helped the Firm attained widely recognized achievements. And Ai Yaoxian , the Chairmen of the board was awarded the title of ¡° The Fourth Session Excellent Young Businessman of Shaanxi¡± for his contribution to the achievement of the Firm.

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